Dutch international DJ Rob Soundz has performed for more than 17 years at hundreds of weddings, events and clubs, each with its own unique crowd, program, theme and atmosphere.

He has comprehensive musical knowledge and an immense musical repertoire of every genre that contains a lot to anyone’s taste. He makes a difference with his flexibility and communicative approach, closely discussing all of the client’s wishes and preferences, and actively thinking along with them regarding anything relevant to making the wedding or event memorable for all attendants.

DJ Rob Soundz is the recommended DJ of many renowned wedding & event organisers on Bali, as well as of many luxury hotels and resorts. A true professional DJ that goes out of his way to make sure all his clients and their guest’s requirements are met, and he knows how to make every wedding and event memorable.

Some ways in which he distinguishes himself in the business are his:

Experience – hitting just the right balance between sheer experience and youthfulness, Rob has been performing for 17 years at every imaginable type of wedding and event in more than a dozen different countries for clients from all continents.

Professionalism – you can always count on reliable on-time performance, speedy replies to any messages, useful answers and suggestions, correct documents and anything else that makes working with him easy and hassle-free.

Image & presentation – looks count. While maintaining a healthy lifestyle (a rarity among DJs), Rob keeps a healthy and attractive image, and is always dressed and groomed the part.

Versatility – putting people and entertainment above music, Rob understands best how different people have different tastes in music, and adjusts his repertoire flawlessly to please even the most difficult of crowds. He has performed for Persian, Iranian and Indian groups (to name a few) and has familiarised himself with the music required to give such people the time of their lives. Where a music style is requested that he is not familiar with, he will study it to deliver the best possible performance.

Client communication – to ensure the DJ performance and music selection is as good as it can possibly be, it is imperative to communicate directly with the client, and get to know their, and their guest’s background and tastes in both easy-listening and party music. Rob goes out of his way to help and think along with clients for whom it’s not easy to describe their taste in music or remember the names of their favorite songs by meeting them in person whenever possible and providing them with lists, examples and ideas.

Flexibility – in preparation for high-end events, Rob will run the extra mile whenever needed to comply with special requests. At weddings and events, it often happens that clients come up with on-the-spot requests, whether it’s a song request or anything related. Whether such a request is reasonable or not, Rob knows how to handle it.

Engagement – Rob truly knows how to engage with any crowd during an event, wisely but sparingly using the microphone and body language to create an immediate and lasting bond with people on the dancefloor.

MC service – virtually every high-end wedding or event will have a professional MC host. However, in such cases where an MC is unavailable for any reason, Rob can host almost like a professional MC and is confident and clear in reading out statements in other languages than this mother tongue, including French, Spanish and German.

Quality focus – with his highly trained ears and knowledge of audio technology, he ensures the sound quality is always top-notch, taking into account every link in the chain.

Video DJ – as a rather unique addition to a regular DJ performance, Rob can offer an extra dimension to the entertainment value of his performance by incorporating videoclips into his set to accompany the music.

Altruism – a good life contains a balance of giving and taking. Therefore, a minimum of 10% of all earnings are donated to the world’s proven most cost effective charities as stated by organisations like GiveWell and Animal Charity Evaluators.

Contact Rob anytime to start a discussion about a mutually beneficial professional partnership.