The online performance on Sunday 19 July which will be broadcasted live on is also a fundraising effort to improve the lives of the billions of farmed animals who are suffering in factory farms and slaughterhouses around the world. If you like to make a donation, please see the possible ways to do so below and choose which way’s easiest for you. It will depends on the country you’re transferring from. If you make a donation, please include the description ‘Donation’ in your transfer. If you run into any troubles trying to make a donation, contact me after the performance and I’ll help you with it.


Donations can be made the following ways:


  1. A domestic bank transfer (preferred) to one of the following accounts (if you have a bank account in any of these countries):


  • Indonesia – account number 1462055999 (BCA) of Robert Marcel Stoutjesdijk.
  • New Zealand – account number 02-1291-0201412-000 of Rob Stoutjesdijk.
  • Australia, account number 512252012 of Rob Stoutjesdijk. BSB code 802-985.
  • The United Kingdom – account number 42903379 of Rob Stoutjesdijk. UK sort code 23-14-70.
  • The United States – account number 8310248018 of ‘TransferWise FBO Rob Stoutjesdijk’. Wire routing number 026073008, ACH routing number 026073150, SWIFT/ BIC (Bank Identifier Code): CMFGUS33
  • A SEPA zone country (Eurozone)*, account number (IBAN) NL98INGB0004311361 of ‘R M Stoutjesdijk’. SWIFT/ BIC (Bank Identifier Code): INGBNL2A


* The 33 SEPA Zone countries comprise the existing 27 EU member states of Austria, Belgium, Britain, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Republic of Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain and Sweden, the 3 EEA countries of Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland, and also Switzerland and Monaco


  1. Transfer via PayPal: to e-mail address


  1. Transfer via Transferwise: to e-mail address


  1. Credit card via Transferwise – Please see for more information about using a credit card to make a transfer using Transferwise


All donations will be forwarded to Animal Charity Evaluator’s Effective Animal Advocacy Fund, which aims to help the largest number of animals from suffering and giving them a better life. This charity is chosen carefully as the animal cause is one of the most neglected causes worldwide compare to any human cause and therefore in the greatest need of attention and funding. More information can be read on: