Permits & legal documents

If required by law the client is responsible for arranging a work permit with the immigration authorities of the country where the event is held. The client shall provide Rob Soundz with written proof that the immigration authorities have approved … Read More

Changes & cancellations

The client shall inform Rob Soundz at the earliest opportunity of any relevant changes in the flight schedule, event rundown or other aspects relevant to the performance. In case the clients cancels or reschedules the event, the deposit payment and/ … Read More

Technical rider

A suitable, professional, high-end sound system has to be provided. The size and maximum power of the system should be sufficient to provide clear and high-quality amplified sound at suitable volumes throughout the event. The height of the surface of … Read More

Hospitality rider

The client shall provide return flights (usually ex. DPS or AMS, to be discussed with Rob Soundz) to the major airport closest to the venue, including 20 kg check-in baggage on both the outbound and inbound flight. The flight itinerary should … Read More

Confirmation & payment

For confirmation of any booking, an entertainment contract and invoice will be made. The entertainment contract has to be signed for approval on each page by both Rob Soundz and client. A 50% deposit payment has to be made to … Read More