Olivia & Stewart

married in Bali in 2016 | Olivia & Stewart |

All communication with Rob was easy, knowledgable and fun, pretty much all done on whatsapp and Email. In fact we never spoke until the night of my wedding. We had a wedding party of 60 people going across 5 generations to whom were all music and party lovers. Our goal was to have majority of the party dancing the night away with us, which is exactly what happened. Rob did a great job of working our preferred recommendations, reading and adjusting to the crowd. He also used great intiiative to double check 2 key moment songs with me. As our dinner and speeches over-ran with our planner also disappearing most of the night(!!), Bride & Groom we had no concept of time. Rob did a great job of using his initiative with flagging the time with MC & Bride which quickly promted our First Dance which then lead to the party levels going up a solid few notches ! We had an awesome night, Rob was a great influence of making that happen. Thank you!