Trudy & Alex Sweeney

celebration of 20th wedding anniversary in Bali 2013 | Trudy & Alex Sweeney |

It was a pleasure to meet you and we were delighted with the professional manner in which you managed the music. I really liked the pre event meeting we had on Skype as the brief and expectations were very clear from the start and it also gave us a chance to build some rapport. Everything regarding your DJ service and additional services happened on time, your help with everything especially the projection and screen contractor was invaluable and these added services really added to the occasion.

The music was perfect and set the tone for a party that exceeded our expectations. The music appealed to young and old and the mood and pace of the music flowed. What was noticeable to me was your music never abruptly changed its tempo but rose gently with the mood of the evening. You can always judge a good night by the number of people who stay dancing. As I recall the dance floor was full all night ? (as was the pool 🙂

A handsome consummate professional, you matched the party image. So often a DJ can think a night is about him and his music. Your approach ensured the night was not about you but was all about the party. You found a way of making a big impact by adding to the occasion with your sense of timing and great music. For that reason alone we would highly recommend you to anyone hosting a special event.

I am not sure about song request form the attendants, but my guess is you were accommodating as I am sure my daughters and their friends had a number of requests. To be fair to you I think you had already anticipated the music we would like so maybe there were not many requests ? My daughters feedback to us on you was that you were an excellent DJ.

For certain I would recommend you to other (wedding) couples/ people. I have mentioned your name to many people since and I hope that some additional business comes your way from this. My mother in law Kristine who lives in Bali and arranges events is sure to keep you in mind.

I think I shared with you the fact that one of the attractions was the fact that you were international and not local. If that pops out of the page on a Google search I believe it will generate more inquiries. My sense is that when most people meet you and get to hear your enthusiasm and professional manner they will feel very comfortable booking you for their special occasion.